The apartments are available to be used with the following equipment: 

  • a fire safety entrance door
  • quality interior doors with door frames
  • quality laminate floors
  • ceramic flooring in the kitchen and bathroom
  • ceiling and wall lights
  • optical link and connectors for TV and Internet
  • basement cellar area
  • audio/video intercom system
  • wall and ceiling surface: one layer lime plaster, wall and ceiling paint in standard white color
  • kitchen unit including glass-ceramic cooker, electric stove and cooker fan
  • bathroom: corner shower , toilet, sink, toilet fan with an automatic time switch
  • central heating, steel panel radiators fitted with electro thermic valves, on each radiator are placed electronic meters for radio controlled sensors of the heat consumption, hot water supply by central heating 
  • PVC windows, 5-chamber profile with double insulating glass, white color, south oriented windows-with venetian blinds in silver color